Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three Dog Day

It's Sunday again, and time to meander the neighboring hills and valleys. I've included a photo of me with my dogs, Bear and Teddy. Bear's the little one (90lbs.). Teddy's still growing, three weeks before his second birthday, and already 160lbs. I love large dogs!
This week we're going to visit Truman Lake and its dam, in Warsaw, Missouri. The observation center towers above the huge bluff overlooking this mammoth lake, and is home to exhibits of various creatures that inhabited this part of the earth in the distant past. The dam incorporates a hydro-electric plant, and the lee below the dam provides refuge for thousands of huge fish; catfish, carp, and sturgeon six feet or longer. Throw a biscuit in and the water rolls with them as they go into a frenzy.
This lake is fed by the Osage River, which in turn feeds into the Lake of the Ozarks, which, in turn, begins just at the other side of Warsaw and proceeds for over ninety miles of continuous shoreline. Mid-Missouri is among the best of land-locked states when it comes to water sports.
If you're ever coming up or down Highway 65 and get to Warsaw, turn off and enjoy a respite at the observation point. Go downtown where you'll find antiques and collectibles galore. Not to mention a cafe or two that will fill you up for a modest sum. It's a quaint little town in a quaint part of the Show-Me State.
Finally, I'm trumpeting the release of my 'tween novel, Zach's Amazing Dream Machine. It's written for middle graders, from a boy's POV, and tells how a young genius invents a new machine that portrays whatever the wearer's dream thoughts are. His folks and peers are amazed by his invention, but he is disappointed because he'd wanted to make something that would prove his grandfather's stories to be true. He learns that truth turns out to be what you want it to be, and a little bit about human nature in the bargain. Lots of fun to read, with a message underlying the text.
Next week will be time for remembrance of a hideous act of violence from ten years ago. For now, let's remember to give thanks that we reside in the safest, most free, nation man has ever known, and that we have to guard those freedoms jealously. Cheers,
Pat Dale

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