Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

My last post, I introduced you to my dogs, Teddy and Bear. It seems fitting that I continue in that venue, giving you a pictorial view of Warrensburg, Missouri. If you've ever wondered where the phrase, "man's best friend" came from, I'm about to answer that. In an unlikely era for such sentimentality, a dog lost his life and in the ensuing legal battles gave birth to the above recognition.
It all started with a feud between members of a Johnson County family. One owned a yellow lab named Old Drum. His cousin claimed the dog was killing his sheep and shot the dog to death. In the final trial, that upheld a $50 award to the dog's owner, George Graham Vest gave an impassioned summation that moved all who heard it to tears.
If you'd like to know more about the men involved in the trial, including those who would rise to governorships, and national congressional halls, Google Old Drum. I've included a photo of the 1958 statue of the dog and a couple of the original courthouse where the trial took place.
Speaking of dogs, I've already told you a bit about Teddy, my 160 lb. Pyrenees/Malamute. Now he's about to be launched as the protagonist/narrator in my wip MUST LOVE LARGE DOGS. It's a zany romantic comedy, set in The Hamptons on Long Island.
Teddy plays himself, and is fair disposed to such a role, believe me. Last week on our weekly dog tour, he face-planted my wife on a patch of blacktop, ruined her eyeglasses, and gave her a shiner that had her fellow workers questioning my abuse of her. Didn't happen. I quit abusing my wife years ago. Really. He'd been startled by a bumble bee, and galloped off full tilt; that was, until the leash dragged her kicking and screaming onto the pavement.
There's not a mean bone in Teddy's body, and he dearly loves Patricia. More than she can stand, sometimes. A comic moment comes when he climbs onto our oversize sofa and tries to cuddle with her, his basketball sized head in her lap. When he was a fifteen pound pup, he'd do that, only back then he fit on her lap. All of him. He just turned two and still doesn't realize how big he is. Frankly, I hope he never does. I can walk him a short distance, but if he ever panicked like he did last week, I'd be down the tubes faster than you can flush. LOL
So, I've gone to the dogs this week. If you're ever in the area, stop by Warrensburg and see the monument to a faithful dog that met an undeserved fate. Cheers all, and happy reading!
Pat Dale


  1. Pat, I love dogs too, but mine is a dacshsund (but he's more a knee-biter) Loved the pictures

  2. Knee-biters are okay. It's just those near-dogs that bother me. LOL

  3. LOL, Pat. I love dogs, but I know I can't keep them the way we live right now. My grandfather raised Boston Terriers,and we've always had dogs in the family. The three cats I have now are Tonkinese, as close to dogs as cats can be. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and wish you well with your canine pals. Delighted they've triggered a story!

  4. Our dogs/cats through the years gave us great pleasure, but we are pet-less now. Not even a goldfish unless you count the ones in the pond. I hope your wife is recovered from the dog incident. That big bad bee scared your big guy, eh? I giggled at that one. Best wishes!

  5. Teddy sounds sweet - a big goof! ha! I usually have big dogs, well a German Shepherd, who's small in comparison to yours. But enough to handle.