Friday, November 11, 2011

Hot Flash

Did that get your attention? I hope it did. I've got a new release that can be found in Muse It Hot because it is adult rated content. This one is a real flier for me. Based on a series of nightmares, it fantasizes a nocturnal journey to inner space.
Want to know what inner space is? Read Blue Streaks to find out. Warning: for all you IT types out there, this may cause you to hesitate any time you feel inclined to hit the escape button on your machine. And fair warning for those of you who have a tendency to nit-pick your mate. Do not let him lure you to the keyboard at four in the afternoon, whatever else you do.
That's all I'm saying about this one. Except that I'd love to hear from you readers after you've read Blue Streaks. Let me know how you like the ending. Hint: it is not what you expected, is it?
HE HE, HA HA, HO HO! They're coming to take me away, HO HO!