Sunday, January 29, 2012

A World with no Good Guys

What do you think that would be like? More to the point, what does that question mean to you? Nothing? Just another day at the office? Armageddon? What?
Because, that's exactly the world we live in. We like to pretend we're all good guys (by now you know I don't mean 'guys' in a gender sense). In some ways, we are, but we're also all bad guys. Note that I've not used the term evil in this context. This is not necessarily a case of Good and Evil, but merely of good and bad.
Take my protagonist, Adam Watson, from my newest release, The Evil Within. He is essentially a good guy who comes home to recover from some very bad experiences on the battlefield. All he wants is to go hunting in the little Eden he'd grown up in, and to be left alone.
With a reputation as a local good guy, he steps up to the plate when some clearly bad guys threaten a young woman in his presence. Little does he know they're there because of something a member of his family has done, and they're not the type to back off. One thing leads to another until all hell breaks loose. Literally.
Adam is back in a shooting war, right on his home town's main street. On the path from uncomfortable to unlivable, his eyes are opened to the reality that nobody he knows is free of the evil he'd tried so hard to avoid. When the smoke clears, he's left with a remnant of his family, an old girlfriend, and a lot of cleaning up to be done.
The Evil Within, offered by MuseItUpPublishing, is available as an eBook download at: and will soon be available for Kindle readers at or for Nook readers at Barnes and
Search for Pat Dale, author at either site. caution: You are entering a no-win zone, rife with gritty, vulgar, violent scenes not for the faint of heart. Adult content, with a message you're not likely to forget.

Read THE EVIL WITHIN if you dare.


  1. My friends in the biz world, esp. women, say it can seem like there are no good guys, very competitive here in Silicon Valley! Good question.

  2. I. Can't. Wait. To. Read. This. Book.

    Gotta have it for my kindle!


  3. Just got it for my kindle from Amazon. Can't wait to read it!


    Author of Concilium, available July 2012
    Concilium: The Departure, November 2012
    PODs, available June 2013

  4. Sorry for being tardy with a response, Michelle. I hope you enjoy Evil. It was a book I had to write, but not one I was particularly comfortable writing. I tend to empathize with my characters, and as you'll see, it wasn't easy with Adam.
    I thank you for your interest, and would appreciate hearing from you when you finish the book.
    Pat Dale