Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A bit of Nostalgia

Easter has come and gone, and with it, a rare visit with my family. While my children for the most part take me for granted, my grandkids do not, and for that I am grateful. I remember my fascination with my grand parents and understand perfectly. Nevertheless it's gratifying to have a grand daugter come up and ask for my recollections of my childhood.
Needless to say, I have no hesitation about telling her lots of 'very' true tales of my youth. I've written several of them down and she's read them. Now she wants more. Who am I to deny her?
I'm feeling pretty mellow today, having survived a stress-free holiday. I just had one of my favorite books released by Muse Publishing and have another to come out next week. Ten years ago, I despaired that my work would never see the light of day. I needn't have worried. By springtime next year, I'll have eleven books out in either print, eBook, or both. Got to get writing again!
SLEEPING WITH HER ENEMY came out this month and I know I need to promote it. As I said above, it's one of my favorites. One reason is that I was able in this book to immortalize my dog Molly. She's been gone now for a year and a half, yet she still comes up on my desktop every day as part of a rotating wallpaper. I hope you read Sleeping and get to know her.
Molly was a German Shorthair, and had such a 'can-do' spirit, she amazed everybody who met her. Fast as a Whippet, sharp as a tack, and a true sweetheart, she was my Unsinkable Brown Molly. In the book, she plays a vital role in the storyline and displays her real-life personality. Do dogs have personality? I think they do. I know my dogs do, each with its own unique way of approachinig life on a daily basis.
I mentioned nostalgia. In the book I've utilized several real life characters, changing only their names and enough vital info that they'll not be found out. One such is the woman pastor of the canyon church. Jessie actually did just that, only her name was not Jessie. She was an amazing lady, rich in spiritual values, and just the kind of problem solver my fictitional pastor was. One value of living a rich and varied life is having contact with so many fantastic human beings. After a lifetime of experiences, it makes a writer's work easier. And more fun!
I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. SLEEPING WITH HER ENEMY is available at www.museituppublishing.com or on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other eBook outlets. I urge you to take the plunge and give it a go. I think you'll enjoy the story. If you are truly disappointed, let me know and I'll refund your money.
And just think; how else will you ever be able to get acquainted with my Molly?!
Happy reading, everybody. This is my take. What's yours?
Pat Dale


  1. Ah, Dale, the joys of grandchildren. I suggest you write your memoirs. Seriously! My father in law (now 95) wrote his a few years ago and I had the privilege of typing them. Oh how I enjoyed reading about his youth. Once they were typed his step daughter formatted them and had them printed and spiral bound for us. My sister in law and I took them and added more photos to them and I printed and spiral bound them for all the grandchildren. My kids loved reading about their grandfather. I wish he would have spent more time writing about his youth and early years of marriage before we knew him and less about the years his children were grown and with his second wife since even his youngest grandchildren know about that. So take the time and write all those memories that are dear to you.

  2. Pat, it sounds wonderful to have grandchildren. My chances for some are slim, but I'm hoping my daughters will soon find someone:)

    I like the idea of putting your dog in your book. I put my dog, who has passed on, into my book too.

  3. Lovely...lovely post today. I highly recommend what Ro suggested in putting out all your stories for your grandchildren to read. My grandparents have passed on and with my parents gone as well, there's hardly any way to gather this information. Plus, as a writer, they'd be well written and easy to read.

    Dogs definitely have personalities. My pug has a sense of humor that would knock your socks off. She's also a trooper and as she gets older I'm fearing what you've already experienced and that one day she will pass on. Tears me up to even contemplate but I already see the signs of age impacting her.

    Thanks for the post and reflection, my friend.

  4. Sure wish my folks had written out their experiences. What a marevelous gift for generations to come.

    My fat cat Pearlie has made a couple of appearances in my work. Funny how animals get under your skin. Now I have this marvelous Cocker Spaniel/Pappilion in my life. She's quite a character so I expect she will influence my writing for years to come. What a cutie pie she is. :)

    Thanks for the great post, Pat.

    Warm regards,
    Christine London

  5. Ro, Lionmum, Karen, and Christine; thanks for your comments. When I was just starting to write, I put on paper about thirty events from my childhood and youth. Later, I turned them into semi-factual short stories and compiled them into an anthology I titled 'Grandad's Guide to the Good Old Days'.
    I know we all have wild experiences as kids but I'd been bitten by a copperhead snake and spent six weeks laid up at age four; stabbed in the back (narrowly missing my heart) with a compass by my 'best friend'; flown (literally) a car off an embankment going seventy five miles an hour; lived through an aircraft engine fire while refueling a jet bomber high over Nebraska. I could go on but you get the point. I remember thinking that God must still have some use for me because I'd cheated death at least five times and come out unscathed.
    I know, I know; watch out crossing the street. LOL
    One of my favorite authors, Robert B. Parker, had a German Shorthair he inserted in his Spenser series. I remember seeing the dog's photo walking with himn. Looked so much like my Molly it teared me up. Now I have a nice 'little' dog that occupies my wayward thoughts. Teddy is eighteen months and already one hundred fifty punds and still growing. Teddy and his antics are already in the pages of a book I've started.
    Happy mid-week everybody!
    Pat Dale

  6. My mission in life is to encourage and help folks write their life stories. Truly a loving gift to their family and future generations. I am workshopping about memoirs in June on the MIU blog. All of us are writers. You all should be writing down your experiences. Wait till the kids realize you didn't have a TV as a kid or your mother never used a microwave to cook a baked potato!! Best wishes on your new release and future releases....