Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things to do on a snowy Sunday

Better late than never. At least that's the conventional wisdom. So here goes, my first blog.
I've got two romance novels available at Red Rose Press with a third due out in two weeks. I had a psychological suspense novel published by another press, now defunct. Guess you'd have to say, things are looking up. Whimsical Publications will be releasing a romantic suspense in a few months and Awe-struck Publications has just contracted for another romantic suspense. I'm turning into an overnight success after only fourteen years of writing and learning the fiction business. LOL
Meanwhile, it's Sunday again and this one is snowy--really snowy. I've been around the planet long enough to know better than to go for a drive on the highways on a day like this. Especially on this day of 'we got to grandma's just fine so now let's try to get home in one piece' traffic nightmare.
When I was a kid, you would have found me outside building a snowman, a snow fortress, having a snowball fight with anyone willing to exchange volleys of snowballs with me. Those days are gone forever, thankfully. I emerged from that with my eyesight intact, notwithstanding an occasional onslaught of rock-laden ice-balls.
Then there were the days of sledding down Shepherd Mountain through my home-town of Ironton, Missouri and across the railroad tracks some five blocks from the hillside. Those days are also gone forever and I still have two legs, two arms, and one head (though the latter only works part time).
I could go on through this melancholy meander down memory lane but I think you get my drift. Nowadays, my industry is given over to writing characters into situations they'd rather not be in. So, on most Sundays, snowy or not, you can find me at my computer pounding away on my latest effort. Oh, and I find Sunday a perfect time to blog so I'll be doing this each week.
I invite you to come see the tangles my 'virtual' family gets into by logging onto my website at: Check out what's happening in my world. Thanks for dropping by. Come back any time and stay as long as you like.
Pat Dale

P.S. Leave a comment if you have time. Tell me some of the things you've done on snowy days. They may spur me on to write them into one of my stories. And maybe they'll do the same for you.


  1. Congratulations on your entry into the blogosphere, Pat! I really like the clean look of the site, inviting and easy to navigate. Another reason to keep on writing. Best of luck with your blog!

  2. Hi Pat,

    Great job for your attempt.

    On a snowy day, I like to sit inside looking out with a cover wrapped around me and a cup of hot tea or chocolate between my fingers. And I like to read when it's winter outside. The days of sleighing and making snowmen are over for me as well. Smile.

  3. Hi Pat,

    Nice blog post. Congrats on all your sales! Keep up the good work. Cheers~

  4. Hi Pat

    Congratulations on your new Blog! I love snow! Although my childhood days are long past, I still love watching snow fall and walking my dog in it. When I lived in Wales I'd have been out on my horse, riding in it, it's so pretty and clean. Not if you live in a town though of course, and I do accept it can be dangerous and inconvenient - but for the first time in several years we had a white Christmas in the UK this year and it made such a difference!